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Hurricane Webquest

Hurricane Katrina Photo


Every year, hurricanes threaten the eastern coast of the United States. When they hit, they can cause death and lots of destruction. Based on what we have learned from the effects of hurricane Katrina, the American Red Cross has decided to update its recommendations and better educate the public about being prepared for a hurricane.


You have just been hired by the American Red Cross to research hurricanes and prepare a brochure titled "Hurricane Guide" that will be used to educate people about hurricanes and how to prepare for them. Include at least two graphic features, a title, subtitles, and captions.  They have given you some websites to help you get started.

1.  What is a hurricane?

2.  What should you expect from a hurricane?

3.  What can be done to prepare for a hurricane?


1. Go to the websites you have been given and learn as much as you can about hurricanes.

2. Make your brochure.  Click the link in the red box at the bottom of this page to download a sample.



Evaluation Rubric for the Brochure/PowerPoint

Aesthetics/Technical Quality & Grammar/Spelling


The presentation is fully complete with only a couple of grammatical errors. Project demonstrates superb effort.


The presentation is finished with only minimal errors in detail. Project demonstrates good effort.


The presentation contains many errors. Project demonstrates little effort.


The presentation is incomplete. Project demonstrates no effort at all.

Organization & Sequence


The presentation is logical, and clearly and completely addresses each question posed in the TASK. Excellent attention is paid to details.


The presentation is logical, and does a pretty good job of addressing each question posed in the TASK. Good attention is paid to details.


The presentation is somewhat logical, but lacking in a few respects. Little attention is paid to details.


The presentation is incomplete and lacking. No attention is paid to details.


Living in an area that may be affected by hurricanes demands that people be educated and prepared in order to protect their property and themselves.

Click here to download a sample.