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Africa Unit

Unit Summary
Students will analyze, examine, and evaluate the geography, art, culture, government, and history of African countries.
Essential Question: 
What are the countries of Africa like?
Unit Questions:
1.  Where is this country located in Africa?
2.  What language do they speak?
3.  Tell about their government?
4.  Tell about the history of the country?
5.  What are some good places to visit in this country?
6.  What is everyday life like there?  
7.  What are their art forms (art, music, dance, etc.) like?
8.  What are some major resources of this country?
9.  What do they eat? (maybe you can find a recipe or description of the meal)
10. What can you tell us about their Religion?
11. What are some animals that live in this country?
12. What is happening with the country today?
13. What are some major issues with the country? (social, environmental, political, etc.)
Student Objectives/Learning Outcomes
Student will identify the location of a selected African country
Students will identify the primary language and religion of a selected African nation.
Students will identify and describe the government of a selected African country.
Students will describe important events in the history of selected African countries.
Students will identify specific tourist attractions of a selected African country.
Students will examine the way of life of the people of a selected African nation.
Students will locate and explore African music and art.
Students will identify major resources of a selected African nation.
Students will identify foods of a selected African nation.
Students will locate and describe current issues and news of a selected African nation.
1.  Students will identify the countries of Africa on a political and physical map.
2.  Introduce general information on Africa in order for students to gain enough information to do #3.
3.  Students will select an African nation and create a virtual fieldtrip to that country.
4.  Students will research, interpret, and evaluate their selected country to discover its location, resources, history, government, language, religion, customs, music, and tourist attractions and compare/contrast this information with America. 
5.  Students will then organize their information and create a virtual field trip utilizing PowerPoint and other electronic media.
6.  Students will take the class through their virtual field trip of their selected country.
Approximate Time Needed
3 weeks
Prerequisite Skills
Familiarity with MS PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, Encarta, and the library.
Internet Resources:
PowerPoint Tutorials
Accommodations for Differentiated Instruction
Paired work arrangements, extra time for completing project, resource teacher assistance
Gifted Students:
This unit is designed for all students, but extending the quality of the research and presentation will accommodate GT students.  You may even have them further extend their research into the role of ______________(their topic) in the current world in detail.  GT students may also build a website on their country.  They may also choose to use other media programs to further enhance their presentations, such as Microsoft Producer.
ESL or Bilingual:
Sites and information sources can be located in a variety of languages over the Internet.  Your library/media center may also be able to assist with other sources of printed or digital information.  Overall, the concept is the same, but presentations may require a translator, and other special accommodations may need to be considered.  Online translators are available in a variety of languages.

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