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Africa Assignment

Let's visit Africa!


Here is the Assignment
Research any one of the countries of Africa.  Prepare a virtual fieldtrip for the class using PowerPoint and other electronic media.  It's basically what you have done in the past, but think of your presentation as a way of taking us to your country and experiencing it.  Your field trip should be about 10-20 minutes.  I may allow some of you to work in groups under certain circumstances, but only if I approve it.  Each person in your group must still contribute and be knowledgeable about your chosen country.  If you are allowed to work together, then choose your partner wisely.  You must present on or before your assigned date.  Click here for the rubric.
When you research...
Find out the answers to the following questions:
1.  Where is this country located in Africa?
2.  What languages do they speak?
3.  Tell about their government.
4.  Tell about or show the history of the country.
5.  Tell about or show business/economy in this country.
6.  What are some good places to visit in this country?
7.  Show or describe their way of life.  
8.  What are their art forms (art, music, dance, etc.) like?
9.  What are some major natural resources of this country?
10.  What foods do they eat? (maybe you can find a recipe or description of the meal)
11. What can you tell us about their religion?
12. What are some animals that live in this country?
13. What are some major issues with the country? (social, environmental, political, etc.)
14. Describe education there.
Now what?
Organize your information and create your presentation.  That's all there is to it!
Remember:  When you use something from a book, website, or any other place, you need to give credit to your sources.  Write it down and put it on your "Works Cited" slide in the correct format.  (Format found on Resources page)  You may also cite your source on the slide that it applies to, or you may even hyperlink to the source of your information instead.

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