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Instructional Technology

What does the state of Texas say about technology use in the classroom?
Technology use in the classroom is mandated by the state of Texas and has been since September 1, 1998.  The Texas Education Agency has created Texas Essential Knowledge Skills (TEKS) for technology that all Texas schools are required to teach.  You can check them out at
Is there any research to show that technology integration improves student learning, or how technology can best be used in the classroom?
The answer is "yes" to both questions.  Recent studies are beginning to show a link between technology integration and better student achievement.  
Current research also shows that students are usually bored with the traditional lecture/book/worksheet approach to teaching which also fails to address various learning styles, and recommends project-based cooperative learning that applies to the real world.  You can learn more by doing a web search for "constructivism education."
You can also learn more about project-based learning by visiting  This site has a lot of good online videos that you should find inspiring.
How does the No Child Left Behind Act affect parents, students, and teachers?

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