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When you research...
Find out the answers to the following questions:
1.  Where is this country located in Europe?
2.  What language do they speak?
3.  What is their government like?
4.  What are some major historical events in their history?
5.  What are some good places to visit in this country?
6.  What are some things that you should know about their
ways of doing things (customs) in this country before you visit?  (Alternate info:  You may tell and show everyday life or culture in this country if you can't find customs.  
7.  Show us their art forms (art, music, dance, etc.)
8.  What are some major resources of this country?
9.  What do they eat? (maybe you can find a recipe or description of the meal)
10. How is this country important today?
11. Compare and contrast this country with America.
12. What can you tell us about major Religions of this country?
Now what?
Organize your information and create your presentation.  That's all there is to it!
Remember:  When you use something from a book, website, or any other place, you need to give credit to your sources.  Write it down and put it on your "Works Sited" slide in the correct format.  (Format found on Resources page)  You may also cite your source on the slide that it applies to, or you may even hyperlink to the source of your information instead.

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