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Sub-Saharan Africa

Discuss crisis in Sudan - genocide and pirates
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Aids in Africa part 1 (
Education is difficult for many children of Africa due to poverty, disease, conflict, and widespread loss of family members by one of these factors.  In this unit, we will look at contrasts between life in and away from the cities in selected countries of Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa.  We will also look at the different cultures throughout the continent of Africa.
Do you think your school rules are too strict?  Parents throughout Nigeria send their kids to private schools if they can afford it.  They get a better education and are better able to go to secondary school or college.  Public schools may not offer the best education throughout Africa, but in most places it is free.  Parents only need to provide the children with a uniform and supplies.  Therefore, most African children and their parents place a very high value on education, and students strive to succeed if given the opportunity of an education.  Check out the rules at an all girls private school in Nigeria and see how your school compares.  CLICK HERE
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Take a look at the African Children's Choir for stories, presentations of African music, and dances from various countries of Africa. 
For a mix of western and African music, go to Capital FM in Nairobi, Kenya and click on "Listen Live" to hear what Kenyan's are listening to on the radio.

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