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United States Research Project

Are you ready to learn about our country and plan a vacation?

Train in the Woods

You have been hired by Brahma Travel to create a brochure for one U.S. state.  You will first have to choose a state.  Then, you must research to find out about the state's history, geographic features, economy, points of interest, and state symbols from an encyclopedia.  Then, create a brochure using Microsoft Publisher.  Include the information you found. 
Create a brochure that includes
  • the state's history
  • geographic features
  • economy
  • points of interest
  • state symbols
BONUS (GT REQUIRED):  Plan a trip to your chosen state for a client.  Decide the following:
  • what to see
  • how they will travel (by car, train, boat, or plane),
  • where they will stay
  • how much it will cost
  • and create a daily itinerary
GT BONUS:  Create a sales pitch for your trip.  include a PowerPoint that includes 1 picture for each day of your trip.  Be convincing.

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