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Teacher Europe Unit Plan

The Plan

Unit Summary
Students will analyze and evaluate WW2/Holocaust people and events while simultaneously studying European countries.  Throughout the unit, students will create and present a multimedia virtual field trip of a European country to the class in order to demonstrate their learning.
Unit Essential Questions
What are European countries like today?
What were WW2 and the Holocaust?
How were countries boundries, culture, and government affected by these events?
Who were the victims?
Who were the aggressors?
Why did WW2 occur?
Where are the countries that were involved?
Who were major historical figures involved with WW2?
Targeted State Frameworks
We address a wide variety of TEKS in this unit, and the ones you choose need to be determined by your school's curriculum.
1.  Introduce European countries and WW2 using the text and your own materials and PowerPoint presentations.

2.  Show European and World War 2 related documentaries and have students complete fill-in-the-blank comprehension quizzes while viewing and discussing the videos.  Stop the videos frequently and explain the info being presented.

3.  Define the Holocaust and inform (or have students research) about the horrors of the concentration camps and ghettos.  (I have used a variety of books and documentaries to assist students with comprehension and assimilation of this material. You may e-mail me if you would like a list of more specific suggestions)

4.  After students have sufficient info to reasonably choose a European country to study.  Supply them with the topic list and instructions for beginning their research and presentations.

5.  Continue to develop students' knowledge of European countries and WW2 /Holocaust while continuing student research and presentation development.  They need to become "experts" on their topic.

6.  Students will make presentations to the class about their topics using technology aids.  This is to be kind of like and advanced level "show and tell."
Prerequisite Skills
Familiarity with MS PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, Encarta
Approximate Time Needed
4-8 weeks
Materials and Resources Required for Unit
A variety of European and World War 2 related books and documentaries, Internet Explorer, Encarta, and PowerPoint will be needed.
Accommodations for Differentiated Instruction
Resource Student - paired work arrangements, shortened presentations, extra time for completing presentations, assistance with locating and reading information in some cases

Gifted Student - This unit is designed for all students, but extending the quality of research and presentation will accommodate GT students.  You may even have them further extend their research into results of ________(their topic) into current world conflicts and policies.
LEP - Internet Explorer and many search engines' language can be changed to accommodate many other languages.

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