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Students will find more resources through web searches.


Try these places to find your information! (click the "Images" tab) 


Europe Links (Online Russian Translator) (Online Translator) (Russia travel tips and more) (Some nice pictures and tourist sites of Russia) (CIA world factbook) (Warsaw VR tours)  (Interactive VR tours and photos of Estonia's capital) (various VR tour links) (virtual trip of Bosnia) (virtual trips of many countries as well as various subject areas) (VR clips - Search for your country in the Search box) (Encarta Online)



World War 2 Links (Airplanes of WW2) (Atomic Bomb) (Hitler) (Roosevelt) (A-Bomb WWW Museum) (VR camp tours and Survivor stories video) (Holocaust art and other Holocaust info) (Great Holocaust Video, Picture, and Text site) (Aircraft of WW2)




Great Depression Links (New 1/25/10)



Africa Links (online Radio stations) (Somalia Link) (Online Heiroglyphics translator) (CIA world factbook) (Morocco info) (search using the image tab for numerous pics and websites) (African internet provider) (Madagascar Culture page) (Madagascar current events) (Click "Sound Effects" for animal sounds) (Cultural info - very good) (Quicktime VRs of Morocco, South Africa, Egypt, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe) (Travel info for Various countries - very good)



Asia Links (Animated Tiger) (China) (Philippines)


Nepal (A visit to Nepal) (Various Nepal Links) (Great source of Nepal links and info) History links) (More Nepal history) (More Nepal history) (Nepal food) (Nepal food links) (Nepal language) (Nepal animals) (More Nepal animals)



PowerPoint Tutorials & Rubric Maker (PowerPoint 2002 tutorial - click on "How to") (Rubric Maker)


Works Cited Help
Author.  Name of book.  Place of publication:  Publisher, Copyright date.
"Name of article."  Name of encyclopedia.  Edition.  Copyright date.
Author of the article.  "Title of article."  Name of magazine.  Date of the magazine:  page number.
Name of author (if given).  "Title of material accessed."  Title of site.  Date of article:  Online.  Name of computer service (if available).  Date of access.

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