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Student Comments

"I feel smarter.  I learned more than I ever thought I could."


What did you most enjoy about your learning in this unit? (I have summarized and combined most duplicate student responses.)

1.     Visiting the USS Lexington
2.     Doing a PowerPoint and getting to learn from other's presentations.  It was a great learning experience.
3.     Researching and finding interesting facts about our specific topic with a friend.
4.     Working in groups.
5.     Learning and telling about how
Pearl Harbor was bombed.
6.     Presenting my research to the class because I wanted you all to learn more about it.
7.     The death camps.  I really liked learning about them even though it was kind of gross.
8.     How everything was like set up and how Hitler got his Nazis together.
9.     Atomic Bomb
10.   Looking up things and learning more about my topic.
11.   How the Jews were being killed for being Jews.
12.   I learned a lot of new things.
13.   The concentration camps, but I felt sad too.
14.   Learning about airplanes


How did you feel about participating in multimedia research and presentations to enhance your learning?
1.     I thought it was great because we got to see each other's ideas.
2.     I liked it because you can express yourself more with colors, pictures, and fonts.
3.     I felt that using multimedia gives us an opportunity to explain our work with color and sound.  Visiting the library for a chance to read and learn from research in books helped too.  Overall, I felt it was a good learning experience.
4.     I think it's great.  I learned how to use PowerPoint and a lot of other things.  I think it's good that I can show everything that I learned in a presentation.
5.     It was kind of hard, but fun.
6.     I feel smarter now that I know how to use all of those things.
7.     When I do those things again, I don't have to be struggling like the first time I did.
8.     Even though it's too late for me to bring my grade up, I liked it.
9.     I liked it better than writing a report.  It's easier.
10.   Better, because now I know how to do a good report.
11.    I feel inspired because now I can do these things that I never imagined at all.
12.    I understand more about it and feel that I can do this more often.
13.    I feel good because it is fun to use PPT and Internet.
14.    I feel great, because at first I was scared to present, but now I'm not.
15.    It's cool.
16.    I feel smarter.  I learned more than I ever thought I would.



How did you feel about being your own guide in choosing your topic and guiding your own research and learning?

1.    I think it's great because I can do what Im more interested in since I chose my own topic.
2.    I feel that it is enhancing your knowledge of making our own choices and letting us do learning with a little bit of fun as well.
3.    I felt smart that I did it by myself.
4.    I like it.  I can do it.
5.    I feel positive and more mature.
6.    I felt nervous about the research and the presentation.
7.    I liked guiding myself through the research
8.    Cool, because now I know how to get information about things.
9.    I felt good because I would rather pick my topic instead of someone choosing it for me.
10.   I felt ok because I had a partner to help me so we would have a good grade.
11.   It helps a lot because you don't have to worry about the teachers giving you something hard.
12.   I felt that I would have to do my best.
13.   It was cool.  I did the research on my own.
14.   It felt pretty good.  I mean it was cool to make my own project.



List things that you learned from this unit that you wouldn't have learned if I would have just "told" you about them or had you read about them.
1.    I learned a lot about Hitler.  I learned that he dated his niece and he married his 5th cousin.  He also took an art exam but failed.  I also learned more about the Holocaust, WW2 weapons, and a lot of other things.
2.    I learned a lot about WW2 airplanes.
3.    Through videos, I got to SEE what they would do to the people during WW2.
4.    I wouldn't have learned much if you had only told me about it.  This unti worked much better.
5.    I wouldn't have known how the
Lexington looks and feels inside if you would have just told me about it.



What do you feel was the most beneficial part of your visit to the USS Lexington Museum?
1.   Seeing places in a ship where people live, eat, sleep, work, and wait.
2.    I felt that our visit to the sailors quarters were the most beneficial part of our trip.  It gave us a good example as to how the sailors lived, ate, and slept.
3.    I learned a lot from the videos at the
4.    It was the Remembrance Room that inspired me the most.
5.    The planes.
6.    When I found out that the war took place on that ship.
7.    Seeing all of the engine room.  It was cool!  I learned a lot from the guide that was there.
8.    The room that has a lot of newspaper on the walls and on the shelves.
9.    The flight deck.
10.   I really learned about the
Lexington and how people lost their lives there.  Some parts of the ship had stairs and they were really hard to climb.  We also noticed that they were probably in shape to climb down the stairs fast in case of an emergency.
11.   I liked reading the stuff and learning about what they wore.
12.   I enjoyed meeting a veteran that was in the war.


Did this unit influence you to read other books about this topic?
Many students said that they actually read more books just to further their knowledge on their topic (even after the projects were done).


What advice would you give to another student doing this unit?

1.    Search a lot on the Internet and pay attention so that you will know lots.
2.    Pay attention to details, because there's a lot.
3.    Stick to one topic if possible, because there is a lot to learn.
4.    Be prepared to research.
5.    Be prepared to see gory parts.
6.    Work hard finding your information.
7.    Pay attention in class so that the research will be easier.
8.    I would tell them to pay attention.  You might think you already know everything about WW2, but there is a whole lot more to learn.
9.    Choose your topic on something you like or it may not be fun.
10.   Read and watch the videos.  They're very helpful.
11.   Make sure you put lots of pictures in your report.
12.   Study Franklin Roosevelt.  He had a very interesting life.
13.   Go to the public library

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