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Landform Project Rubric

This is how you will be graded.

Objectives Low Performance At or Below Average At or Above Average Exemplary Performance Earned
Met the minimum requirements for landforms (at least 10 landforms are used correctly) 0-29 points
Didn't have near enough landforms; Landforms are not shown correctly.
30-39 points
Had nearly 10 landforms; some landforms are not shown correctly.
40-50 points
Had 10 landforms that are correctly shown.
+5 points
Had more than 10 landforms that are used correctly.


0 points 
No labels.
1-4 points 
A few labels.
5-9 points
Most labels.
10 points
All labels.
Creativity and Appearance 0-2 points
Not creative and very sloppy looking.
3-5 points Somewhat creative and relatively nice looking. 6-9 points
Creative and nice looking.
10 points
Very creative and clearly outstanding appearance.
Written explanation of how displayed landforms affect people's settlement, trade, and government control over the people of the land. 0-9 points 
Had very little or none of it.
10-19 points Had at least 7 completed and shows that some thought was attempted. 20-29 points 
Had all 10 completed and shows some thought and understanding.
30 points
Had all 10 completed and shows thought and understanding.

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