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Virtual Fieldtrip Rubric

Students are to create a virtual fieldtrip that helps to inform about and illustrate various information about a specific country using PowerPoint. 
Students will research and learn about things such as language, religion, customs, resources, history, government, animals, and art for their selected country.  They may work in groups of no more than 2.

Objectives Low Performance At or Below Average At or Above Average Exemplary Performance Earned
Met the minimum requirements for presentation (adequate number of slides that average 15 words or less, PPT features, 4 visuals) 5-19 points
Didn't have near enough slides; Didn't use a variety of PPT features; Didn't have at least 4 pictures or other visual media (not clipart) Very wordy
20-24 points
Had nearly adequate number of slides, some PPT features, and some pictures or other visuals (not clipart), some slides are still very wordy
25-29 points
Had adequate number of slides, used a variety of PPT features, and had 4 pictures or other high level visuals; kept words to minimum
30 points
Had adequate number of quality slides, used a wide but not overdone variety of PPT features, 6 or more quality visuals or streaming media or voice overs

Thorough knowledge of the topic (Location, Language,  Government, Religion,  Places to Visit, Customs, Religion, Resources, Food, Art, Animals, Compare/ Contrast, Importance today)

20-34 points
Didn't know much beyond what was on the slide. Not able to answer any reasonable questions about their topic.
35-44 points
Was able to elaborate some on their topic, but unable to answer any questions.
45-54 points
Was able to elaborate on their topic and extend way beyond what was on their slides, and able to answer most reasonable questions
55 points
Majority of the presentation was elaboration on the topic and student was able to answer questions and elaborate further than expected.
Text is well written and information is well organized. 0-2 points
Information makes no sense together and many words are misspelled
3-5 points
Information makes sense together, but there is a misspelled word occasionally
6 points
Information is well organized and no more than 2 misspelled words.
7 points
Information is very well organized and there are no misspelled words.
Related the topic to the current world. 0 points
Didn't relate to the current world.
1-2 points
Made an attempt to relate topic to current world.
3 points
Clearly related topic to current world.
4 points
Related topic to current world and was able to extend into current events or real world applications.
Cited (or hyperlinked) sources 0 points
Did not site or hyperlink sources
1-2 points
Cited or hyperlinked some sources, but not others
3 points
Cited or hyperlinked most sources.
4 points
Cited or hyperlinked all sources.