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Travel Brochure Rubric

Students are to create a brochure for a selected country that shows various teacher assigned aspects of that country.
Students are to research a country's land, people, and culture.  They will then create a travel brochure to help others experience the country.

Objectives Low Performance At or Below Average At or Above Average Exemplary Performance Earned

Design Elements  Brochure uses at least 3 graphics, legible fonts, and appropriate use of color)

5-8 points 
Brochure is missing more than 2 elements of the minimum criteria and makes poor use of legible fonts and color
9-11 points Brochure is missing no more than 2 elements of the minimum criteria and shows reasonable use of legible fonts and color. 
12-14 points Brochure  makes good use of all 3 graphics, and uses legible fonts and color.
15 points
Brochure makes excellent use of graphics and uses attractive fonts and colors and clearly exceeds all minimum criteria.

Content Brochure information accurately portrays selected country's geography, history, government, attractions, customs, and people.

20-29 points  Brochure information does not represent all required areas, has several inaccuracies, and/or does not come close to meeting the minimum criteria 30-39 points Brochure information represents all required areas but information in some of the areas is inadequate. 40-49 points 
Brochure information covers all required areas well.
50 points
Brochure information covers all required areas and clearly shows extra effort to learn and include more than was required.
Grammar and Spelling Text uses correct grammar and spelling. 0-6 points 
There are many grammar errors and many words are misspelled
7-11 points 
There are more than 2 grammar and/or spelling errors, but not more than 5.
12-14 points
There are no more than 2 grammar and/or spelling errors.
15 points 
There are no grammar errors or misspelled words.
Organization Information is well organized.  0 points 
Brochure information makes no sense and does not seem to follow any logical organization or arrangement.
1-7 points 
Brochure is somewhat organized, but some parts of it are not in logical order or are confusing due to poor
organization or arrangement.
8-14 points Brochure is well organized and arranged, and most of it is presented in an order that makes sense. 15 points
Brochure is very well organized and easy to follow.  Logical order and arrangement of material.
Cited (or hyperlinked) sources 0 points
Did not site or hyperlink sources
1-2 points
Cited or hyperlinked some sources, but not others
3-4 points
Cited or hyperlinked most sources.
5 points
Cited or hyperlinked all sources.