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My New Job - Teacher


This page contains an overview of what students will be doing and some resources to help you assist students in accomplishing their task.

Students will be researching Kenya and/or Nigeria online and learning about its location, appearance, animals, people, religion, news, and current issues.  They may work in groups, but they must choose a team leader to delegate responsibilities.
Students will use the information that they gather and create a hypermedia presentation using PowerPoint.  (Click here for PowerPoint tutorial.  Then click on "How to".)  Students may work on the presentation as they locate their information. 
Another helpful resource for locating additional information is  Type Kenya in the search bar, click the "Image" tab, and then click "Search."  You will find thousands of images of Kenya.  Each picture is linked to a website.  This is also a good way to locate additional relavent sites.

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