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Asia Unit Plan

Unit Plan Title:  Asia
Unit Summary
Students will analyze, examine, and evaluate the geography, art, culture, government, and history of Asia.
Curriculum-Framing Questions
Essential Question: 
What are countries of Asia like?

Unit Questions:
What language do they speak?
What is their government like?
What previous governments have they had?
What are some good places to visit in this country?
What are some things that you should know about customs in this country before you visit?
How is their music and art different than American music and art?
What are some major resources of this country?
Where are Asia countries located?

Students will identify the primary language various countries of Asia.
Students will identify and describe government of countries of Asia and compare it with our government.
Students will describe recent changes in Asian countries.
Students will identify specific tourist attractions in countries of Asia.
Students will evaluate customs needed for travel in Asia and give recommendations for tourists, or create a pictoral of everyday life in their chosen country.
Students will compare and contrast art forms of Asia with American art forms.
Students will identify major resources of Asia.
Students will identify the locations of various countries of Asia.

1. Students will identify countries of Asia on a political map.
2. Introduce general information on Asia in order for students to gain enough information to do #3.
3. Students will select a country from Asia for research.
4. Student will research, interpret, and evaluate their selected country to discover its resources, history, government, language, customs, music, and tourist attractions and compare/contrast this information with America.
5. Students will then organize their information and create a multimedia PowerPoint presentation.
6. Students will give presentations to the class on their selected country.

Approximate Time Needed
3 weeks


Prerequisite Skills
Familiarity with MS PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, Encarta

A variety of books and documentaries on Asia , Internet Explorer, Encarta, and PowerPoint will be needed.

Internet Resources
Click here to go to the Resources Page.


Accommodations for Differentiated Instruction
Resource Students: 
Paired work arrangement, extra time for completing project
Gifted Students
This unit is designed for all students, but extending the quality of the research and presentation will accommodate GT students.  You may even have them further extend their research into results of __________ (their topic) on the current world in detail.  GT students may also build a website on their selected country.
ESL or Bilingual:
Newer computers are already coming with Windows Xp and Office Xp.  These computers have translation software built into them and can interpret for students written work and Internet browsing.  Overall, the concept is the same, but grading and other special accommodations may need to be taken into consideration.

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