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My New Job - Nigeria

Nigeria Resources

You must answer these Guiding Questions:
    1. Where is Nigeria located? (use a map with arrows)
    2. What does Nigeria looks like?
    3. What exotic animals are native there?
    4. What are the people like?
    5. What are the major religions for Nigeria and how do they worship differently there than in our part of the world?
    6. What kind of music do they have?
    7. What is happening in their current news?
    8. What are some major social issues?

Review each of the websites below and use the information to help you learn about Nigeria and create your presentation for your bosses.




Geography -


Pictures -


Customs -


Weddings -


Online Radio -


More Online Radio - and


Various Info -


Folk Stories -


CIA World Factbook -


Online Encyclopedias -


Nigeria News - (12/7/09)


Nigeria News - (12/7/09)


Nigeria Animals - 


Social Issues -

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