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Staff Development Plan
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Teacher AUP

Employee Agreement for Acceptable Use of the Electronic Communications System



You are being given access to electronic communication systems through _____________ ISD for educational purposes.  This access allows you to have access to hundreds of databases, and resources.


With this opportunity comes responsibility.  Inappropriate use will result in loss of privileges.  While the district will take steps to restrict access to objectionable material, it is not responsible to prevent such access. It is your responsibility to follow rules for appropriate use. 


Rules For Appropriate Use


  • account will be used mainly for educational purposes, some limited personal use is permitted.
  • you are held responsible at all times for proper use of the account, upon violation, the district will take necessary disciplinary actions.


Inappropriate Uses

  • illegal purposes
  • borrowing someone else's account without permission
  • downloading or using copyrighted materials without permission
  • posting or accessing material that is obscene, abusive, sexually oriented, threatening, harassing, or damaging to another persons reputation
  • wasting school resources through improper use of computer systems
  • accessing restricted or unauthorized materials, information, or resources


Consequences for Inappropriate Use


  • suspension of access
  • revocation of account
  • other disciplinary or legal action in accordance with the law



I understand that my computer use is not private and that the district will monitor my activity on the computer system. 


I have read the district's electronic communications system policy and administrative regulations and agree to abide by their provisions.  In consideration for the privilege of using the district's the electronic communications system, and in consideration for having access to the public networks, I hearby release the district, its operators, and any institutions with which they are affiliated from any and all claims and damages of any nature are rising from my use of, or inability to use, the system, including, without limitation, the type of damage identified in the district's policy and administrative regulations.


Signature: ______________________________________________


Home Address: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­__________________________________________


Date: ____________ Home Phone Number:____________________





This AUP is derived in part from Kingsville ISD's AUP.